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Simpol Dishkarte Wins World Gourmand Awards 2023


Simpol Dishkarte Wins World Gourmand Awards 2023


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Simpol Dishkarte wins the 2023 Best Celebrity Book in the World at the 29th World Gourmand
Awards held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last 28th of November 2023.

Granting the title of ‘Best in the World’ since 1995, the World Gourmand Awards have handed
out the titles to books that were befitting such prestige. Vertikal Kreatives had published several
food-related books under the guidance of Chef Tatung which earned the right to take hold of
the title ‘Best in the World’. Their winning streak has yet to end because within the numerous
submissions that were sent in from 205 countries this year, they once again stand at the top
with their winning cookbook.

Focusing on the cleverness hidden within simplicity, Chef Tatung created a cookbook that makes
cooking easier to follow. Not only does Simpol Dishkarte lighten the load of cooking a variety of
meals because of how simple the instructions are, it also teaches its readers how to choose and
differentiate the better ingredients that would best fit the chosen dish. The simplicity within the
pages, along with the colorful illustrations which reveal the delicious results of the recipe, are
the aspects that make Simpol Dishkarte endearing to those who read it.

This best-selling cookbook hides the delicious fantasies that could be cooked within the comfort
of home. It is divided into parts for easier consumption: Dish Is It, Dishkubre, Dishkarte, and the
recipes. Delicious and simple, there could be nothing better. With all its Simpolicity, it’s no
longer a wonder that it brought back another medal for Vertikal Kreatives to admire.