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Youngest Jiu-Jitsu Champion Aleia Aguilar Claims Her Second World Champion Title


Youngest Jiu-Jitsu Champion Aleia Aguilar Claims Her Second World Champion Title


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Making another milestone in her jiu-jitsu journey, the youngest champion athlete, Aleia Aguilar, claimed her second world champion title after beating an athlete from the United Arab Emirates.

After winning her first championship title in 2022, 6-year-old Filipina athlete Aleia is back at it again as she aced the match during the Abu Dhabi Pro World Championships. The young athlete was able to win the gold medal for the Kids 1 Girls White Belt 16 kg-B category last year, which was also held in Abu Dhabi.

Proud of her daughter, Filipino martial artist Alvin Aguilar penned a message to her for showing determination and hard work during the competition.

“Congratulations to my baby girl, Aleia Aielle M. Aguilar, for becoming a two-time world champion at the Abu Dhabi Pro World Championships at only 6 years old! All of your hard work, discipline, and initiative to always do your best paid off once again! We are all so proud of you,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude to Aleia’s fellow teammates and coaches, who helped her hone her skills when it came to martial arts. “So many of you who train with us are all at the World Championship level as well, and next year, I will do everything I can to make sure we bring a larger contingent. This is so we can produce more World Champions for our country,” Alvin said.

Aleia was considered the youngest jiu-jitsu athlete to win a world championship, and this was then further recognized by the Philippine government after her remarkable win last year.

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