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GMA Public Affairs And YouTube Philippines Collab To Find The “Philippines’ Number 1”


GMA Public Affairs And YouTube Philippines Collab To Find The “Philippines’ Number 1”


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GMA Public Affairs and YouTube Philippines collaborate anew to bring the special online series “Philippines’ Number 1,” which features the country’s “best” as creatively explored by celebrity content creators and set to be exclusively available on the GMA Public Affairs YouTube channel beginning September 22.

Indeed, the Philippines is a haven of superlatives and number 1s. It is home to the most perfect cone-shaped volcano, the tallest bamboo statue, and the longest underground river, among others. But where exactly can we find the best of the best in the Philippines? Following the success of “Pinoy Christmas in our Hearts,” YouTube Philippines ties up again with GMA Public Affairs for “Philippines’ Number 1.”

Palawan Island is indisputably one of the most stunning tourist destinations not only in the Philippines but in the world. Rufa Mae Quinto, a renowned actress and comedian, sets foot in the municipality of El Nido. During her visit, Rufa Mae stumbles upon a “secret place” that locals claim is one of the places where you can experience the ultimate island vacation. Intrigued by this information, Rufa Mae confidently applies as a receptionist to uncover the secrets of this exclusive destination.

The adventure continues as “Philippines’ Number 1” visits Tuguegarao City in Cagayan Province to experience their most celebrated food festival—the Pancit Batil Patung Festival. Celebrity chef JR Royol traverses the streets of Tuguegarao to find the oldest pancit batil patung recipe in town. He even tries the traditional way of cooking noodles called kinabayu. Chef JR also joins the Batil Patung Eating Contest, wherein he needs to finish a huge bowl of batil patung in just three minutes. Meanwhile, famous vlogger Agassi Ching boldly takes on the Ultimate Pancit Batil Patung Mukbang Challenge and indulges in the delicious local cuisine.

Filipinos have yet to identify a national dish, but it will probably be Adobo if there’s a frontrunner dish. For the locals of Silay City in Negros Occidental, almost everything can be Adobo—chicken, pork, shellfish, vegetables, rabbit, duck, etc. They even hold a festival wherein different versions of Pinoy Adobo are served. Famous chef vloggers RV Manabat and Abi Marquez go to Silay City for a one-on-one adobo cooking showdown. But to spice up things, Chef RV and Abi are not given any ingredients. The two chefs need to harvest their ingredients. What will be the taste of the “adobo of their labor?”

Experience the finest of what the Philippines has to offer, as seen through the lenses of the country’s most renowned creators. Catch “Philippines’ Number 1,” exclusively available on GMA Public Affairs’ YouTube Channel ( beginning September 22.

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