5 Restricted Phone Functions When Airplane Mode Is On

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days?

Smartphones are one of the devices that people can’t live without even in a single day. Its features are made to utilize every people needs in different situations. And among these features is the airplane mode. Airplane mode is one of the features of all smartphones, iOS or Android, that is not frequently used.

The name itself suggests that the feature is made for airplane boarding. But what are the things that Airplane Mode can really do to your smartphone?

For your information, here are some of the restricted phone functions when by Airplane Mode is on.


If your phone is in Airplane Mode, your device will stop interacting with signal towers. It means that the signal is cut. The device won’t be able to send or receive SMS and calls. In short, di mo macocntact jowa mo bez, stop trying na.


If your phone is in Airplane Mode, parang kayo lang ng crush mo yan, di makapag-connect. Airplane mode also distresses Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth uses radio waves to connect or pair to a device via Bluetooth as well.


Save that IG picture of your hand, touching the plane window when you’re already at your destination, because you won’t be able to connect to any Wi-Fi networks once your phone is in Airplane mode.
Turning your Airplane Mode on, your device will stop scanning and joining any Wi-FI networks nearby. Just like Bluetooth, WI-FI also uses radio waves to transmit information across network.

Mobile Data

As Airplane Mode disables signals from cell towers, it also affects mobile data depending on cellular networks. There’s no way you can contact your crush if you are on an airplane mode, so if you want to move on from your crush na may jowa na, put your phones on airplane mode.


GPS or Global Positioning System are somehow affected by Airplane Mode deactivations. It disables GPS-receiving functions. GPS receives signals from different GPS-satellites. Pero kahit naman i-on mo yung GPS mo, di ka pa rin naman nya hahanapin.

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