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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Davao Region’s first processing plant for shrimp products set to create employment for over a hundred Dabawenyos opened Friday at the Davao Fish Port Complex in Toril, Davo. Anderlude Seafoods Corp. Chief executive officer Ludevito Batilong said the plant process packs of tempura (nobashi ebi), headless shrimps, whole shrimp which the company will supply to domestic market all over the...

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For the groups of punters and performers that visit Edinburgh, Scotland every year, this festival serves as the greatest platform for creative freedom—the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Commonly referred to as "The Fringe," this festival has been an alternative to the Edinburgh International Festival since 1947, bringing together performers to showcase over 50,000 unique presentations and approximately 3,000 shows in...

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10 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For The Heartbroken

Fact: Getting over a heartbreak—be it from a loss of a loved one or simply a failed relationship—is never easy. When they're heartbroken, most people tend to clam up and brood. And that's A-okay!...


Let's face it, as a woman or lady, it's hard to be the first one to approach your crush. It isn't exactly something we're used to. But there are moments when we are itching to send them a text or chat with them online. Problem is, we don't have the courage to simply say "Hi!". So for the girls...


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Going out-of-town, camping, road trips or just a simple activity outside the house is one of the best things to do to pass free time. But to make it even more exciting and even way cooler than your usual outdoor activities, why not bring a gadget with you without burning a whole through your wallet? Here's the list of...


A 10-wheeler cement mixer truck crushed a car last Tuesday in Quezon city. The accident left one dead and four others injured. In the reports, the 10-wheeler cement mixer was traveling on the southbound lane when it hit a white Honda Brio. Upon hitting, the cement truck lost control hit the center island and landed onto the white Honda Brio...

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Many were surprised by Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo's opening prod on ASAP last August 20. She appeared on stage dressed as Wonder Woman and people were definitely satisfied with her costume saying that Kathryn was able to give justice to Gal Gadot's portrayed character. Wonder Woman was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures which was released in the Philippines on June...
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