10 Ways To Say No When A Friend Asks You “Pautang Naman”

There’s always a friend in every squad that always borrows money. For some reason, this one friend always seem to be short of cash or plain broke. Now, as a great friend, you find it hard to say no when asked. You’re just so freaking charitable. However, this kind of attitude only encourages them to borrow money from you more often knowing that you would always say yes.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. There’s nothing wrong with helping out a friend in need, but remember, you also have bills to pay and groceries to buy. So, here’s a list of ways to say no to a freeloading friend.

“Short Din Ako, Friend, Eh”

It’s not lying if it’s true. Unless you’re ridiculously rich like a Kardashian, you’re gonna be short at some point, too. Prioritize your self.

If you really have to lend money to your friend (because you’re a saint), make sure you have enough to cover your expenses until your next paycheck before you let that precious cash go.

“Sayang, Kababayad Ko Lang Ng Bills Ko”

Again, you have bills to pay and expenses to cover in order to survive your daily life. Unless you live with your parents and don’t pay for anything, you’re not necessarily lying to your friend.

However, if you’re not really bothered by lying to someone close to you, lie away even when you have the money. Again, the more you say yes to these people, the more often they will borrow.

“Nako, Friend, Pambayad Ko Rin Ng Utang ‘To Eh”

If you’re in the habit of borrowing money yourself, then you’re in no position to lend. Pay your loans first! Mahiya ka naman, friend. We’re judging you’re freeloader friend here, tapos ikaw rin pala ganoon.

If you don’t have any existing debts, though, don’t be afraid to lie. Unless lying makes you uneasy.

“Kung Meron Lang Talaga Ko Binigay Ko Na Sa’yo, Kaso Wala Talaga”

Honesty is the best policy. If you don’t have money, don’t be afraid to tell them. But even if you do have the money, again, don’t be afraid to lie.

Don’t feel obliged to lend your friend money just because of the fact that you are friends. Teach a man how to fish and all that.

Naku May Kailangang Kailangan Talaga Ko Bilhin Eh, Next Time Hayaan Mo

For the nth time, you need your hard-earned money for things for your self. You can tell them that. But since you’re a saint, you can follow it up with a promise that you will lend them money some other time.

Or, again, that can be another lie. Anyway, they probably won’t ask you again the next time they need money, if you reject them the first time.

6. Go Offline For Few Days Tsaka Mo Sagutin Na Nawalan Ka Ng Connection

The old tactic of evasion. If you still can’t say no, then just ignore them. We live in an age where it’s so easy to ignore people since they often just talk to use online.

Go offline for a few days, then when you go online, tell your friend you just read their message. By then, hopefully, they already borrowed from someone else.

“Wrong Timing Ka Friend”

If they caught you in the moment when you have already spent all your money, then great, because you really won’t have anything to lend, and you won’t be able to say yes even if you want to.

However, even when they are right timing, still, don’t feel obliged to give them anything. It’s not being selfish…well, it kind of is, but hey, you have to be selfish from time to time, too.

“Ay, Nawawala Kasi ‘Yung Wallet Ko, Kapag Nakita Ko I’ll Let You Know”

Now this one’s just an outright lie–unless you’re stupid and actually lost your wallet. But, you know, all the lie that you tell for the sake of your well-being is a good lie.

Well, kind of. When it comes to lying to people loaning money, at least. May ibang self-serving lies na mali, so ‘wag mamihasa sa kaka-lie ha.

“Next Cut-Off Pa Ko Magkakapera, Te (Kahit Meron Na)”

Another blatant lie (actually, this list is full of lies). Just tell them you haven’t got your pay yet. They work, too, they’ll understand. Not unless they don’t have a job and are full-pledged palamunins.

If that’s the case then you won’t feel queasy about lying. They most probably won’t pay you back, so lie away; don’t hold back.

“‘Di Pa Kasi Nagbabayad ‘Yung Pinautang Ko, Need Na Need Ko Na Nga Rin Eh”

Ayan ang hirap pag mabait. Pautang ka nang pautang, hindi ka na nababayaran.

This list is made so you won’t have to end up in this scenario. You trusted someone and loaned them your money, now you need the money, but they’re not paying up.

You don’t need a friend who could do that to you.

Basta, ayun na nga, ingat-ingat sa pagpapautang, friend.

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