10 Ways To Say No When A Friend Asks You “Pautang Naman”


There’s always a friend in every squad that always borrows money. For some reason, this one friend always seem to be short of cash or plain broke. Now, as a great friend, you find it hard to say no when asked. You’re just so freaking charitable. However, this kind of attitude only encourages them to borrow money from you more often knowing that you would always say yes.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. There’s nothing wrong with helping out a friend in need, but remember, you also have bills to pay and groceries to buy. So, here’s a list of ways to say no to a freeloading friend.

1. “Short Din Ako, Friend, Eh”

It’s not lying if it’s true. Unless you’re ridiculously rich like a Kardashian, you’re gonna be short at some point, too. Prioritize your self.

If you really have to lend money to your friend (because you’re a saint), make sure you have enough to cover your expenses until your next paycheck before you let that precious cash go.

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