Friday, March 31, 2023

SM Prime Expands Commercial Footprint With SM Offices’ FourE-Com Center

SM Prime announced its expansion of SM Offices, giving it a new angle on future-ready offices to sustain more business operations nationwide.

Here’s Your Summer Skin Care Product Guide For A Safe And Fun Sunny Season

Have fun under the sun this summer season with these Human Nature skincare products!

Study Reveals Vaping Can Effectively Help Adults Stop Smoking

An international study shared research on how vaping can encourage an individual slowly stop smoking as their habit.

World Water Day: Nestlé PH Programs Help Tackle Worsening PH Water Problem

Nestle Philippines planned to provide programs that would emphasize water management nationwide in compliance with the celebration of “World Water Day.”

Slow Internet Connection? Fix It With A Wi-Fi Booster!


Slow Internet Connection? Fix It With A Wi-Fi Booster!

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Do you find it frustrating when it takes minutes or even hours for a website to load and movies to download for almost like an eternity?

Having a Wi-Fi at home doesn’t always guarantee that you get to experience a fast and stable internet connection because some locations have dead zones. Meaning, whenever you are in that area, your Wi-Fi will stop working because you do not have any signal in your device. So, to address this kind of problem, this particular device can help boost your internet connection in any part of your house. This, is called a Wi-Fi booster or Wi-Fi repeater.

A Wi-Fi booster extends your Wi-Fi coverage by increasing the signals in your routers. Thanks to this device, you can receive wireless signals from your router and then repeat that signal to amplify the coverage of the internet.

So, if you got want to end your frustrations about your internet connection so you can finally perform a smooth online meeting or just peacefully enjoy a movie marathon, then give the Wi-Fi Booster a try.