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Bea Alonzo Admits Having Trust Issues Due To Past Relationships


Bea Alonzo Admits Having Trust Issues Due To Past Relationships

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With her recent guesting on Small Laude’s vlog, actress Bea Alonzo shared working on her trust issues while being in a relationship with Dominic Roque.

On March 4, local influencer Small Laude collaborated with Bea in her vlog titled “Small Talk with Bea Alonzo + Acting Masterclass.”

In the said vlog, the actress answered the personal questions prepared by the influencer, including having trust issues due to her past relationships.

Bea admitted that she dated Dominic for more than a year because she feared falling in love with anyone due to her past partners who cheated on her.

“I was too afraid to fall in love again, [and] to commit to somebody na alam kong posible ring saktan ako, eventually.” Bea said.

Despite this, the actress emphasized how her partner helped her overcome her trust issues by showering her with the love she deserves.

“Every day, Dom proves me wrong. [He proves] that love is worth fighting for,” Bea said.

During the interview, the actress also revealed that she came close to breaking up with Dominic because of her trust issues.

“Bilib din ako sa kanya because he always wants to make it really work. […] he makes me realize that it shouldn’t end that way and it shouldn’t end at all,” Bea said.

On August 2021, Bea and Dominic announced to the public that they were officially dating, and up until now, the couple is still celebrating their healthy relationship.

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