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Why SB19 Had A Back-To-Back Cancellation On Their ‘PAGTATAG! World Tour: Asia’


Why SB19 Had A Back-To-Back Cancellation On Their ‘PAGTATAG! World Tour: Asia’


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Following the back-to-back cancellations of their concerts, Filipino boy group SB19 apologized for the inconvenience, explaining the reason why they came up with such a decision.

A day before the concert, the boy group announced the cancellation of their Asian tour in Singapore, which was scheduled for November 15.

This postponement of the show on their Asia line-up was then followed by their other shows, such as in Bangkok and Dubai, which drew confusion and worry from their fans about their state as a group.

According to the boy group, the cancellation was due to “unforeseen circumstances” and further discussions with involved groups in the concert. Other than these, the members and the organization have no further explanation regarding the three consecutive postponements of the concerts.

“We have spared no effort to ensure that this event will proceed, yet it is deemed best to prioritize the well-being of our artists. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to all the fans who were looking forward to this event and the delayed notice in our attempt to exhaust all efforts,” the boy group said.

This Asian tour cancellation was followed by the announcement of their newest self-made agency, 1Z Entertainment, as they departed from their prior organization, ShowBT Entertainment. As the said agency was self-made by the group, the leader of the organization will be Pablo, the band’s leader.

With the transfer of agency, the boy group has also renamed their fan base name from A’TIN to MAHALIMA, and they have also removed the “SB19” mark from their bios on their social media platforms.

Showing support for the group, its supporters and other netizens commented on their announcements, saying how they understood the scenario of the said postponement and how the boy group should prioritize their mental health over others.

“A’tin, let’s support each other for now. Please understand what is happening right now; let’s support them at this time. Dear Mahalima, we will always be here to support whatever decision you make, so don’t worry, okay, we love you,” a supporter commented.

With the said postponement, SB19 has reassured through 1Z Entertainment that the supporters and ticket buyers can refund their expenses by visiting their partner entertainment agency, and they can also refund their merchandise expenses by directly contacting them.

As of writing, the final scheduled concert on their Asia tour, which will be held in Japan on December 9, has no further announcement of the cancellation, which has made the fans hopeful to see the group in person soon.

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