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Things To Know About Pinoy Josh Glodoveza, One Of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 2024’


Things To Know About Pinoy Josh Glodoveza, One Of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 2024’


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From 13 to 30, Josh Glodoveza, or Caru, was listed by Forbes 30 under 30 Class 2024 of North America. His outstanding experience since he was 13 years old helped him climb the ladder of success.

Glodoveza is the co-founder of a small marketing and advertising services company named “PANEL,” and formerly the vice president for talent at a retail and fashion company named “Fanjoy.”

But beyond the achievements, there is so much more to learn about Glodoveza, his love for the gaming industry, and managing branding.

1. An all-rounder person

Glodoveza knows how to manage his time and responsibilities well. With full-time positions as a COO because of his VP skills, he handles the operations of the company with diligence.

He once shared his daily routine as a VP through a LinkedIn post; adding value and opportunities, working beyond what is expected of you, following up for consistency and credibility, and knowing your goals with manifestation are what make him a skilled Gen-Z professional.

But of course, once in a while, Glodoveza always knows how to take a rest and mingle with friends. It’s never wrong to give yourself a break to be in the moment.

2. Twitch streamers’ talent manager

Any gamer would be thrilled to work with their favorite streamers and content creators; Glodoveza may be blessed to be surrounded by and manage a few of them.

Sykkuno, who has about 3.9 Twitch followers, has become Glodoveza’s famous client. Back in 2020, he helped with Sykkuno’s collaboration with Gfuel, in which he received good responses from Sykkuno’s fanbase and the Twitch community.

Just last year, Glodoveza made Sykkuno’s merchandise possible, along with arranging a YouTube gaming partnership for him.

3. Childhood minecraft turned to mojang partnership

Out of all the games he has played over the years, Minecraft has become memorable for him. Along with his friend and famous Twitch streamer, Hannahxxrose, he began crafting multiple project collaborations.

Glodoveza helped with the LEGO and Minecraft collaboration through the Minecraft Made Real Campaign. He and Hannahxxrose helped in the promotion of playing S.T.E.A.M. to young girls, letting them explore creativity using LEGO blocks.

This year, Hannahxxrose debuted as a voice artist and co-star in Mojang’s latest game, ‘Minecraft Legends’. Glodoveza helped her in the recording and production, fulfilling a childhood core memory for both of them, as Minecraft was their favorite game.

4. Seven years before receiving twitter’s blue badge

Blue verification on Twitter, now known as X, was quite a big milestone for any public figure. Since Elon Musk, the blue verification is now available to anyone who would subscribe to the premium X while meeting the eligibility criteria.

Josh, on the other hand, had to wait for seven years before receiving the blue badge on February 18, 2022. He celebrated receiving his badge by sharing a screenshot of his profile and wearing light blue Crocs.

In those seven years, Josh spent helping build the reputation and collaboration of the Twitch streamers and of himself as a young manager.

5. Packages one after the other

Even before becoming a manager, he had received numerous PR packages from startup companies to luxury brands. His first posted package was from the meal replacement brand ‘CTRL’.

Some of the notable luxury brands he got packages from were Burberry, Loewe, and Prada. While it can be considered a perk, it’s also something to enjoy in his hard work.

He never fails to thank his sponsors and collaboration, especially the gifts and packages, because of the project’s success and the success of his clients.

Glodoveza is a true manager of community and self-success. not only because of his skills but also because of his humble nature while learning and collaborating with others.

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