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Politicians Highlight Ways To Improve Local Political Organizations In PARTICIPATE PH


Politicians Highlight Ways To Improve Local Political Organizations In PARTICIPATE PH


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Highlighting the essence of aligning interests and promoting more concrete rules in building organizations in the government, local party-list members joined PARTICIPATE PH’s event, providing a medium to foster political advocacies and platforms.

On March 13, PARTICIPATE PH opened a Multiparty Summit wherein local political parties and party-list organizations were invited to discuss common concerns with the government, such as party-switching, vote-buying, and political dynasties.

During the insightful discussion, each party-list leader and representative explained their perspectives on how they see improving programs and advocacies to further help society address issues.

To cite, Magdalo Partylist National Chairperson Mr. Antonio Trillianes IV shared how the alignment of interests and having a concrete political party development bill could help in producing an effective government organization.

For the political representative, he described this factor as having a critical role in providing political party ideology for the country.

Mr. Trillianes IV also emphasized that this can encourage individuals to be more disciplined in choosing the right individual who will be placed in a political position, as it will give them a gist of what they can do for society.

“There should be a convention wherein the nominees would be elected by the representatives or those who have been allowed by the political party to select members. That way, everybody would earn the trust of the party names. It’s not enough that you’re a rock star or movie star to just gain the post, so you have to go through this process,” Mr. Trillanes IV said.

For other representatives, they have mentioned the other solutions to promote political party reforms and inclusivity in the Philippines, namely improvement on media platforms and building a stronger advocacy role for the political parties to showcase transparency to their constituents.

The Multiparty Summit is one of the programs of PARTICIPATE PH that has the goal of promoting clarity and enhancing the programs of political parties. This initiative from the university-driven organization is its way to improve the effective presence of political parties to uplift Filipino lives.