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PH Hails Its First Chess Master, A 10-Year-Old Filipina


PH Hails Its First Chess Master, A 10-Year-Old Filipina


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The National Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) officially named its National Master, a title bagged by 10-year-old chess player Nika Juris Nicolas.

On June 9, Nicolas proved that playing sports, especially chess, has no gender limit, as she was declared the first and only female player to win in a male-dominated competition.
“Nika managed to win medals in all categories, including a silver in Standard, a silver in Blitz, and a bronze in Rapid,” the NCFP disclosed.

Before Nicolas’ incredible win in the said competition, the organization disclosed that she had already shown her potential in chess back then after winning numerous competitions.

The chess player was able to win in the elimination round held in Negros Occidental from March 24 to 27.

All of these competitions were dominated by male players, as the organization observed that women rarely compete in open divisions and commonly choose separate divisions for women.

Yet Nicolas changed this norm and proudly raised the flag of Filipina chess players, which surprised the NCFP and other netizens.

“Nika’s historic accomplishment as the first and only female National Master in the Philippines breaks societal barriers and challenges the notion of male dominance in chess,” NCFP wrote.

With her remarkable win, Nicolas is bound to compete in the upcoming age group chess championships of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which will be conducted from June 17 to 27 in Thailand.

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