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PARTICIPATE PH Multiparty Summit To Discuss The Role Of Political Parties In Democracy


PARTICIPATE PH Multiparty Summit To Discuss The Role Of Political Parties In Democracy


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The Philippines is considered the first constitutional country in Asia, highlighting the importance of the presence of the government and political parties in the lives of Filipinos. With its essence, a summit is bound to tackle what these political parties and party-list organizations need to do to be effective in society.

During electoral campaigns, dilemmas between the running political parties and the community are commonly experienced, driving into different concerns such as party-switching, vote-buying, and political dynasties.

These problems were commonly ignored by some but created a big impact on the viewpoint of the government, not only by Filipinos but also by other countries, as it gives a gist of the people that will lead the country.

In tackling these issues, universities from the Philippines have collaborated with organizations and media platforms to create a platform or medium that would strengthen the advocacies of political parties for the community.

On March 13, PARTICIPATE PH will be opening a multiparty summit that will be attended by leaders from various political parties and party-list organizations in the country.

The Multiparty Summit is bound to be a step in fostering resilient and stronger democratic governance in the country as it gathers different political parties and party-list organizations to explain and support different political and electoral reforms.

Individuals will also have the chance to bring their concerns as the Multiparty Summit also holds an open forum to address the common concerns of these personalities.

To learn more about the upcoming summit, you may visit PARTICIPATE PH at https://www.facebook.com/ParticipatePH, https://www.instagram.com/participate_ph/, and https://twitter.com/Participate_PH/.