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Kindness And Courage Rolled Into One


Kindness And Courage Rolled Into One


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It’s no secret that kindness is a well-known Filipino trait, much more when you’re a Filipino in the medical industry where practitioners are trained to exude humane qualities.

However, being a Filipino also means you are strong and you don’t let yourself become the victim in certain situations.

Meet, Zenei Cortez, registered nurse (RN), and a co-president of National Nurses United.

Zenei (sitting at the right side) with her family, 1964 / Photo credit to the owner

Zenei was born on and raised in the Philippines. Just like many locals, she came from a family of nurses. In fact, according to an interview, she shared that practically everybody in her brood is in the field.

She moved to the US in the 70’s with her family and has resided there since.

Photo credit to the owner

Due to her Asian roots, Zenei has encountered injustice from here and there. When she was just starting out, she couldn’t achieve a certain position as the management of the institution she was assigned at deemed it unfair to transfer her to a unit majorly composed of fellow Filipinos.

The RN didn’t hold back, rallied with her union, and won.

This activism has fueled Filipino professionals overseas not to let people’s discriminatory acts get in the way of their endeavors.

Zenei, along with some Filipino nurses, stood up for themselves and didn’t let the unfairness of the situation get the best of them.

Zenei eventually became one of the best in her field of practice.

She received the recognition she deserves and is now among the most trusted nurses in the industry.

In this day and age, don’t confuse yourself with the true definition of courage. No, it doesn’t expect you to face the world equipped with durable armors and deadly gears. Sometimes, your voice can be the strongest weapon.

Zenei’s bravery to stand up for herself is a testament that being inferior can only get you so far. Stand up for what is fair and be bold enough to face the outcome that follows.

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