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Iloilo City Ready To Be Declared ‘Locally’ Free From African Swine Fever


Iloilo City Ready To Be Declared ‘Locally’ Free From African Swine Fever


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The Iloilo City Government is ready to declare a local African swine fever (ASF)-free status in a pink or buffer zone, according to the Department of Agriculture Western Visayas (DA 6) on Tuesday.

“After the outbreak, an LGU provided it is in the pink zone and has complied with requirements based on DA Administrative Order number 30, series of 2021, is allowed to declare that there are no more cases of ASF,” DA regulatory division chief Jonic Natividad said.

The pink zone is situated adjacent to the infected areas, high-risk areas are classified as yellow zone, low-risk areas are under the light-green zone, and areas that remain free from ASF are classified under dark-green or free zone as per DA Administrative Circular Number 12, series of 2019.

The DA Order Number 30 refers to the guidelines for the recovery and declaration of freedom from ASF for LGUs affected by ASF but have no existing cases or outbreaks in the swine population for both commercial and backyard.

Natividad said the city government has complied with requirements, including an executive order on ASF prevention and control, a list of farmers registered with the Registry System for the Basic Sectors in Agriculture, a record of training on biosecurity and ASF prevention and control, and ASF history narrative report and latest surveillance.

“We are just waiting for the change of status in the national database of the BAI (Bureau of Animal Industry). By the authority of the mayor, he can now declare locally,” he added.

Natividad said the city has to go through the process of progressing from its current pink zone to yellow to light and dark green for the total ASF-free status.

Under its current status, it can proceed with sentineling, where experimental animals are dispersed in areas used to be affected by ASF.

If they survive after 40 days, the animals are given to farmers at their disposal, and the LGU can move to the yellow zone where breeder stocks can come in.

Natividad also called on other LGUs still in the red or infected zone to work out their documents to progress into the pink zone.

“We encourage other LGUs to apply for zone progression because it looks like the ASF has subsided, and our farmers are well-prepared given their training,” he added. (PNA)