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Frontrow Endorser Goes To Tulfo And Exposes Frontrow


Frontrow Endorser Goes To Tulfo And Exposes Frontrow


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Dave Villanueva, an endorser of a multi-level marketing agency goes to Raffy Tulfo’s online/radio show to expose Frontrow International’s schemes behind the glamorous advertising campaigns and high-profile ambassadors.

According to Dave, he was discovered by Frontrow International after he became viral. Before, he was full of acne, unfit, and had dark complexion. He revealed that he only tried out the leftover product from his friend since it’s costly. However, it wasn’t that effective and was not the actual cause of his drastic transformation.

Photo Source: Frontrow International

Frontrow International contacted him and offered to supply him a one-year worth of products—even lifetime—but only ended up receiving the former.

The brand also used his face on its billboard without paying him.

Now that he wants out, founders RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa refused and give him his P300,000 worth of commission from October to December 2019.

Receiving simultaneous offers, Dave tried to apply for other jobs but was restricted because it would go against Frontrow’s luxurious reputation, especially since he’s included in the Millionaire’s Club.

Aside from that, the firm founders tried to badmouth him among their colleagues.

But what really started this fiasco? Apparently, the main cause is Dave’s involvement in a physical altercation with a female co-worker, to which he has already apologized and settled a case with.

In the 3-part episode, among the things he slammed was the company’s claim to make you wealthier. According to Dave, most of the time, people are just posing in front of luxurious cars that are not even theirs.

On March 5, Frontrow International released their statement. The brand addressed that their main concern is their partners’ welfares and failure to comply cannot be tolerated.

Netizens, on the other hand, came to Dave’s defense:


Photo Source: @davebillionare | Twitter