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Filipino Artist Wins Around PHP457,000 In Dubai’s ‘Art For Change’ Competition


Filipino Artist Wins Around PHP457,000 In Dubai’s ‘Art For Change’ Competition


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Filipino digital and traditional artist Jayson Soberon clinches the top spot in the sixth edition of the Murals and Art Competition, “Art for Change” in Dubai. The event, hosted by The Waterfront Market in collaboration with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, celebrates art while promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, aligning with the COP28 vision and the ‘Year of Sustainability.’

Soberon won the coveted AED 30,000, or around P457,000, prize and the distinction of having his artwork on permanent display at the Waterfront Market thanks to his winning mural, “Sustainability.” The mural skillfully weaves together themes of renewable energy, cost-effective food, water conservation, recycling, and economic progress.

The UAE’s sustainability tagline inspires the intricate details of Soberon’s masterpiece for the year, “Today for Tomorrow.” Every brushstroke made by Soberon is a moving reminder of the tremendous impact that our current activities have on the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Considering his victory, Soberon is pleased and overwhelmed with gratitude. He highlights the mural’s significance as a celebration of the UAE’s steadfast dedication to environmental initiatives and a concrete vision for a sustainable future, in addition to its function as an artistic creation.

Soberon has received praise for his ability to create engaging narratives using paint and canvas. His creative prowess is evident not just in the visual beauty of his creations but also in his ability to communicate a strong message through art.

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