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Filipina Student Graduates From An Ivy League School Despite A Serious Accident


Filipina Student Graduates From An Ivy League School Despite A Serious Accident

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Filipino student and now attorney Maria Veronica Manalo captured the hearts of many during her graduation speech at an Ivy League school, sharing her second chance in life.

On May 15, Manalo was chosen to deliver a speech during commencement at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

At first, the speech of the Filipina student highlighted the obstacles and sacrifices that not only she but also the whole student body experienced upon finishing their degree.

With this, she congratulated all the students for finishing strong despite these challenges.

As far as challenges were concerned, Manalo shared her personal sentiment upon finishing her degree, which was about her accident in school.

Manalo shared that she had a serious accident when she was crossing the street inside the campus and got hit by a vehicle.

This has resulted in her suffering from severe pain, and she shared that the doctors classified her case as a miracle for giving her a chance to live.

“As many of you know, I have been given a second chance at life, after surviving a serious accident that changed my life forever. […] I had to overcome immense physical, emotional, and mental challenges to get where I am today,” Manalo said.

With this, she encouraged all individuals to never stop trying to achieve their goals in life as challenges made them stronger.

“As we stand on the precipice of limitless possibilities, let our voices echo the dreams we’ve nurtured, the knowledge we’ve gained, and the resilience that defines us,” Manalo wrote on her Facebook account.

Besides finishing a degree at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Manalo also graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law and is now a professor at a law school in the Philippines.

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