PAGEONE Group Excels In BBCOMM’s Advertising Media Planning And Buying Workshop

PAGEONE Group delved into the art of media planning workshop led by BBComm Together with the said workshop is Ms. Hermie de Leon along with other industry experts. PAGEONE Group mastered new vs. traditional media dynamics and honed strategic placement skills. Armed with creativity and insights, they're geared up to dominate the advertising scene!

Sec. Go Bullish Over Investment Prospects In New Clark City

Secretary Go is championing the CREATE MORE bill to boost fiscal incentives and ease of doing business in Clark. Exciting times ahead for investors!

Global Fintech Company Tala Awarded By Top-Tier Media Houses Forbes And CNBC

Exciting news! Tala is on Forbes' Fintech 50 and CNBC’s Disruptor 50 lists yet again! Recognized for empowering the underbanked!

How Financial Inclusion Enables Women Entrepreneurs To Thrive

Tala helps women entrepreneurs thrive in the Philippines.

Emily Ditches Paris For A Roman Adventure In Season 4!


Emily Ditches Paris For A Roman Adventure In Season 4!


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In the upcoming season, Emily Cooper is expanding her horizons beyond the streets of Paris, with the series set to explore new destinations across Europe. Creator Darren Star teases that viewers will be taken on a whirlwind journey, from the picturesque French Alps to the bustling piazzas of Rome, all these enchanting locales through Emily’s eyes.

Expect Season 4 to deliver a mixtapes of drama, romance, and humor, as Emily navigates the challenges and adventures that come her way in these new settings. With fresh faces and exciting storylines, fans can anticipate an immersive experience that captures the essence of each destination.

The season will be split into two parts, with the first five episodes premiering on August 15, followed by the second half on September 12. Lily Collins returns in the lead role, alongside a talented cast including Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, William Abadie, and Lucien Laviscount.

Following the dramatic events of the previous season, Emily finds herself grappling with her feelings for two men while navigating the complexities of her personal and professional life. As secrets are spilled and relationships are tested, viewers can expect an emotional rollercoaster that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

In addition to the romantic entanglements, the season promises plenty of excitement as Sylvie and the Agence Grateau team face new challenges, while Mindy and her band are getting ready for Eurovision.

As Emily enjoys her Roman holiday, fans can anticipate a walk filled with adventure, intrigue, and of course, plenty of fabulous fashion moments. So, buckle up and get ready to join Emily on her latest escapade as she takes viewers on a Roman holiday this season!

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