Thursday, November 30, 2023

Simpol Dishkarte Wins World Gourmand Awards 2023

Chef Tatung’s “Simpol Dishkarte” cookbook wins the 2023 Best Celebrity Book in the World.

Cebu Pacific Holds Travel Familiarization For Autism Society Philippines

Cebu Pacific and Autism Society Philippines make air travel inclusive for children with autism, celebrating diversity on World Children’s Day!

RELX Ranks First In Global E-Vapor Industry Rating By S&P Global

RELX Technology Inc. excels in S&P Global’s ESG assessment, topping global e-cigarette companies for the second year, highlighting its impressive Environmental, Social, and Governance practices.

#KasamaSaBestLife Pro Tip: Developing A Self-Care Plan

Prioritize self-love, build a holistic self-care plan, and join Run for Wellness with Southstar Drug and Maxicare for a healthier you!

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DBM’s ‘Usapang Budget’ Wins 4 Platinum At Int’l Marketing And Communications Awards

DBM’s budget information campaign wins big at international marketing and communication awards.

Filipina IT Professional Shares Success In Entering A Male-Dominated Field

Breaking barriers, Mariel Pares shatters gender stereotypes in tech, proving women can excel. Leading with confidence, she pioneers progress.

PAGEONE Socials Celebrates Halloween Season With “Oka Tokat”

PAGEONE Socials’ Halloween celebration, “Oka Tokat,” unleashed spooky creativity in costumes, skits, and thrilling games, fostering strong team bonds.

Cooking Her Way To Success: A Filipina Chef Empowers Femininity In Kitchen Setup

In the culinary world, Filipina chef Kim Castillo defies gender stereotypes, proving femininity is no obstacle to culinary excellence.

Plan Your Next Getaway With These Exclusive Deals And Discounts From Metrobank

Explore the world with Metrobank! Get up to 20% off on travel and accommodations at the Metrobank Travel Fair, Cebu, starting November 17.

Filipina Nurse Shows Relevance Of Women Even In The Military Field

Colonel Darlene Flores, a trailblazing nurse in the Philippine Air Force, breaks gender barriers, proving women excel in the military.

Martial Arts Player Teaches Tong-Il Moo Do, Empowering Women In The Sports

Pioneering women’s involvement in martial arts, Bhim Gulayao breaks gender barriers and inspires Filipino women to embrace male-dominated sports.

Provoke Media Unveils 8th Asia-Pacific Innovator 25: Two Innovators From The Philippines

Meet the two outstanding individuals from the Philippines who have made significant contributions to this year’s Asia-Pacific Innovator 25!

PAGEONE Launches “#InfluencersInfluencing” Nurturing Power Of Influencers For Social Good

PAGEONE introduced the “#InfluencersInfluencing” campaign to harness influencer voices for positive change benefitting society.

JG Summit Recognized For Good Corporate Governance, Wins Golden Arrow Award

JG Summit Holdings is recognized for exceptional corporate governance practices, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future.