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8 Filipino-Chinese Rising Stars Everybody Should Look Out For This 2024


8 Filipino-Chinese Rising Stars Everybody Should Look Out For This 2024


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It is not common to spot chinito or chinita Filipino celebrities on our screen. These Filipino-Chinese creatives dominate the local celebrity landscape, showcasing their skills and artistry through different mediums like acting, singing, and hosting.

Apart from their pure talent and knack for performing, the spotlight is always on them because of their prominent looks and features. Because of their mixed ancestry, it is evident on how they stunningly present themselves on and off camera. Here are the list of Filipino up-and-coming stars of Chinese descent that everyone should watch out for:

1. Benedict Cua

A bubbly, handsome, and humble chinito influencer, Benedict Cua is a DLSU graduate who has been stealing hearts since his early days as a vlogger or YouTube content creator. His YouTube vlogs are one of the most-viewed content among seas of Filipino vloggers, and he is known for producing fun and wholesome collaboration content with different personalities. Recently, he signed a contract with GMA Artist Center, which makes him one of the new stars of GMA Sparkle pool of talents!

2. Kimson Tan

Known for his participation in several GMA drama anthologies like ‘Magpakailanman,’ and ‘Tadhana,’ Tan is another rising star who is on a mission to establish a name in the Philippine entertainment industry. His chiselled hair, angelic eyes, and good physique are often admired by people, which makes him the next Kapuso chinito heartthrob. He is also played as Tadao Santiago in the live-action adaptation of ‘Voltes V: Legacy.’

3. Nikki Co

Despite building his name in the industry a few years ago, Nikki Co has been consistent in crafting his skills in acting and performing. Since 2016, he has starred in several GMA shows such as ‘Magpakailanman,’ ‘My Special Tatay,’ and ‘Kambal Karibal.’ The chinito heartthrob’s graceful beginnings can be traced back to when he joined the popular reality show ‘StarStruck’ in 2015, where he finished as part of the Top 18 finalists.

4. Ashley Sandrine Yap

The daughter of another well-known Fil-Chi personality, Richard Yap, is another influencer slash celebrity that made this list. Ashley Sandrine Yap rose to fame as a beauty and lifestyle content creator, with 360,000 YouTube subscribers as of this writing. This 27-year-old celebrity-influencer is an expert when it comes to documenting her life through aesthetic vlogs and photos.

5. Dustin Yu

22-year-old Dustin Yu might be a newbie in the Philippine entertainment landscape, but he is set to rise to fame as a crowd-favourite actor. As a rookie actor, he played various roles in the television series ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune’ as well as other GMA shows. Besides acting, the chinito cutie is also accomplished as an internet personality, with a massive amount of followers on TikTok and Instagram accounts.

6. Joao Constancia

Joao Constancia, who started as a contestant on the reality show Pinoy Boyband Superstar, is loved by many. This made him a finalist in the said reality show, and later on he won as part of its top 5, making him an official member of BoyBandPH. Throughout the years, Joao’s improvement in his acting skills has become more evident, which has established his name as a multi-talented celebrity. He is known for his singing and dancing skills, and he has starred in movies like ‘Four Sisters Before The Wedding.’

7. Janeena Chan

When it comes to hosting, one of the newest Sparkle GMA stars, Janeena Chan, is a passionate artist. The Fil-Chi beaut is a natural talker and has a vibrant personality, which makes her adored by people. With experience in vlogging, hosting, and content creation, Janeena Chan is one of the most versatile Filipino-Chinese personalities you can know.

8. David Licauco

Everybody knows David Licauco, the 29-year-old fan-favourite Kapuso actor who rose to popularity when he starred as Fidel in ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra.’ Despite being in the entertainment industry since 2016, David Licauco became prime after his groundbreaking role in ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra.’ Apart from his superb acting skills, the chinito cutie is also impressive as a business owner and a model.

The Philippine entertainment industry is brimming with diverse personalities and talents. These Filipino celebrities of Chinese descent prove that they are indeed a pool of rising stars in the industry that everybody should look out for.

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