Zambo Readies For Hermosa Festival 2017

The city government is making the necessary preparation for the upcoming Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2017 to showcase this city’ cultural heritage.

The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival is the grandest celebration held every October of the year the highlight of which is the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, the most revered patron saint.

Christian Olasiman, city government’s special events head, on Wednesday said they have lined up different activities for the month-long festival.

The opening salvo is on October 1 with a grand parade and sports competition as well as the Cosechas de Zamboanga (Harvest of Zamboanga), which is until October 15.

The Cosechas de Zamboanga features the different farm produce of the local farmers.

The other activities will include: Novena masses at Fort Pilar shrine, October 3 to 11; Conferencia de Cultura y Artes de Zamboanga; Zamboanga dance sport competition; Noche de bailes y Canciones; Launching of Mi Ciudad Limpiyo y Floriao, October 7; Hermosa Cheer Leading Competition, October 7; Original Chavacano video-music festival, October 7; Regatta de Zamboanga, October 8; Wow sardinas grand boodle fight, October 7; Mascota de Zamboanga, POctober 7; Parade of lights competition, October 8; Fiesta main program, October 11; and, Balik Zamboanga night, October 11.

Olasiman said they will conduct caravan in schools starting this week to encourage participation and to promote the different activities of the Zamgoanga Hermosa Festival

He said they have also lined-up pre-Zamboanga Hermosa Festival activities that will be held a week before October. These will include the following: dog walk; grand launching of the original Chavacano video-music category; smoke out Zamboanga; and, grand midnight sale.

He said they will also invite the different stakeholders from nearby provinces here in the Zamoanga Peninsula visit this city during the festival. (RGAAG/PNA)
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