Zambo City Village Execs Urged To Round Up Stray Animals

The Office of the City Veterinarian (OCVet) renewed its call for barangay officials to activate their respective animal catchers to rescue abandoned dogs and help minimize the stray population problem.

Dr. Mario Arriola, OCVet chief, made the call following an incident on Monday in Barangay Aguada, Isabela City, Basilan, where Edzhar Damsani, 5, was attacked and bitten by at least 10 stray dogs.

The victim was hospitalized in Isabela City and later transferred to a public hospital in this city. The boy died on Tuesday.

Arriola said the catchers’ team should be very active in rounding up stray dogs and animals in their areas to prevent a similar incident.

Ariola said the OCVet takes care of training for animal catchers as well as in providing the design for the catching materials, as strays are to be collected humanely by authorized catchers based on the provisions of the law.

He said the rounded up stray dogs are later impounded in Barangay San Roque and put to ‘sleep’ through euthanasia or mercy killing after three days.

However, he said in government buildings like City Hall and recreational areas like Paseo del Mar, rounding up of stray dogs and animals are done in coordination with trained utility personnel in the area.

Arriola said the stray animal population is also a challenge but stressed that the activation of the animal catchers and the continuous advocacy on responsible pet ownership will address the issue. (PNA)

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