World’s First Robocop Unveils In Dubai

With the help of modern technology, robots are now part of our daily lives. From a simple robo-vacuum cleaner to a sophisticated robo-receptionist, robots are slowly subverting the human workforce.

And now, Dubai, the most modern and progressive country in UAE, welcomed the newest member of its police force, Robocop.

“Robocop” is the world’s first robot police officer. It is 5.5 ft. tall and about 220 pounds. Robocop can recognize gestures and body language. Aside from that, this robot can detect emotions. It can tell if the person is happy, angry or sad. With these features “Robocop” can engage with local residents and tourists.

When it comes to fighting crime, “Robocop” uses IoT and AI to recognize offenders. It can also move from one place to another with its navigation skills. It can also shake hands and give a military salute.

“Robocop” can talk in two languages, Arabic and English. But soon four more languages will be added such as Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian.

With a built-in tablet, “Robocop” can communicate to people and respond to crime reports.

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