Woody And Gang Plus Chucky Return In Cinemas This June

This June 21st, prepare to get nostalgic as two popular classics return to the big screen.

First up is “Toy Story 4”, the fourth installment in Disney’s widely acclaimed animated movie franchise Toy Story. Set a couple of years after the events of the third film, the movie shows Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang be introduced to Bonnie’s new “toy” whom she affectionately named Forky. Forky, being a literal spork with googly eyes and pipe cleaner for arms, is reluctant to stay with Bonnie as he can’t seem to quite grasp the whole idea or concept in being a toy (understandingly enough as he is technically a utensil). On a road trip with Bonnie, Forky escapes and Woodie sees it as his duty to bring Forky back and make good precious memories with Bonnie. Along the journey back home, Woodie is also reunited with his old flame, Bo Peep.

Next, we have a remake of horror/thriller-classic “Child’s Play”. Unlike the original, where Chucky is technically serial killer Charles Lee Ray’s soul being transferred into a popular doll being marketed for children back then, the remakes feature Chucky as a technologically developed doll and app that can both monitor and control any Kaslan tech one has at home. When a mother and son invest in this latest gadget, they soon come to realize that not all is what it seems with it.

As a marketing strategy, given that both “Toy Story 4” and “Child’s Play” are to be released at the same time, the promotional posters for the horror movie has Chucky maliciously looming over the gruesomely destroyed or about to be destroyed Toy Story characters such as Woody and Buzz.

So why not grab some popcorn and some tissues and watch your favorite childhood Disney characters move on with the next chapter of their adventure as children may grow up but most toys will purely remain being meant for a child to build good memories upon. And then why not use that popcorn bag and tissue box to shield your eyes as you are taken back into the world where a certain ginger doll is out for blood.

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