Wish Granted: Goldilocks Responds To A Netizen’s Request For Food Donation To Hospital

Wish Granted: Goldilocks Responds To A Netizen’s Request For Food Donation To Hospital


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Ephraim Ventanilla was scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed when he stumbled upon a post by Goldilocks Bakeshop delivering food donations to several hospitals in Metro Manila.

With a few strokes of his fingers, the 33-year-old data analyst tagged “Navotas City Hospital” where his wife, Gemma, works as a nurse assistant, hoping that whoever handles Goldilocks’ Facebook page would notice his simple appeal for food donations. According to him, food donations would ease the woes of medical front liners in the Navotas-based hospital, who, along with his wife, find it difficult to get food.

“Food is one of their problems. If you will not bring your own food, you will have to buy from the stores. Unfortunately, most of the establishments are closed due to the lockdown,” Ventanilla said in the vernacular, sharing his wife’s everyday dilemma in the hospital.

“Alam niya na yung binibilhan ng food ay sarado kaya crackers na lang muna (There were times when she settled for a pack of crackers since she knew the food stores were closed),” he added.

Weeks have passed since the Philippine government put the entire Luzon under an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As the situation calls for a more robust healthcare system, the burden now rests on the backs of medical front liners and hospital workers to contain its spread.

But aside from braving the daily dangers of COVID-19, these modern-day heroes also face the struggle of getting food amid the lockdown – a reality that Goldilocks tries to ease through donations of healthy food and baked treats.

On April 17, 2020, Goldilocks delivered food packs and sweet treats to medical front liners of Navotas City Hospital (NCH), responding to the request of Ventanilla who used his time to bridge the assistance.

“I commented again and again for them to notice me,” he said. And just when he thought that his comments and mentions would just stay as such, Goldilocks suddenly made his wish come true.

“Shookt (affected) po ako. I cannot believe that Goldilocks took my comments seriously, that a simple comment and tag will result in helping in a big way,” Ventanilla added.

During the donation, Goldilocks sent out a message of gratitude to NCH’s medical front liners for keeping their community safe and healthy, thanking them for their “dedicated service especially in these trying times.”

Asked about Goldilocks’ efforts to back the plight of healthcare workers fighting the pandemic, Ventanilla said: “It’s definitely a great help. Hindi na po nila aalalahanin ang food nila para sa shift nila.”

“It’s a great thing to be shared with blessings in this time of crisis. The donations surely boosted them physically, mentally, and spiritually,” he stressed.

“They (front liners) are thankful to those who donated food because it gave them the energy to perform their work duties better. Thank you po, Goldilocks,” he said.

Since the Luzon-wide ECQ started, Goldilocks and SM Foundation Inc. have provided meals and baked treats to countless hospital staff, reaching more than 100 hospitals and medical facilities as well as over 170 government and private institutions around the country.

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