WiFi Boosters: A Possible Solution To Slow Internet

In this modern time, when applications, assignments and even discussions are done online, slow internet will be your greatest daily problem.

Internet subscriptions aren’t cheap and you won’t even be able to maximize it! Luckily, someone finally found a possible solution to the problem without upgrading your current subscription.

According to research, a cheap and weak router given by your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the most likely reason for a slow internet connection. Weaker routers not only slow down your internet speed but it also costs your ISP less.

Internet providers do stick with their promised internet speed but the problem is that they provide their customers with the cheapest routers as a strategy to either upgrade your plan or to lessen their costs.

Luckily, engineers were able to spot this problem and created WiFi Boosters.

WiFi Boosters are easy to use and install, it’s a device which you can plug in any socket of your house.

These small devices (about the size of your hand) boosts your current ISP signal, removes dead spots in your house, and strengthens your internet connection.

These devices are already available in the Philippines with prices starting at Php170.00.