Why Forever 21 Is Failing In Capturing Consumers

We all know what Forever 21 is and somehow, it’s been branded as a sort of teen store where girls buy clothes with weird statements printed right in front. And since we’ve all gone through that dreadful phase – with some still sadly in it – Forever 21 will forever hold a dear place in our hearts.

The stores still have some respectable pieces but what the current fashion gurus recognize is that its style is long dead. Fashion is ever-changing and ever-evolving yet somehow, the known brand failed to tap into its creative juices that could’ve been at par with other stores. H&M is still alive so why is Forever 21 nearing bankruptcy?

Is it because of the more conscious approach towards slow, sustainable fashion that the company obviously neglects? Or is it because of the opening of too many stores too fast? According to Business Mirror, “Forever 21 Inc. is preparing to close at least 100 stores as part of a restructuring that calls for the trendy retailer to file for bankruptcy as early as this month.”

Currently, Forever 21 has more than 800 stores in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Photo Credit: Forever 21 Official Instagram

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