Who Played It Best? 10 Superman Actors Through The Years

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Among all the superheroes we know, Superman is one of the most famous and most beloved of all time. He, who stands by the name Clark Kent, displays various superhuman abilities that is used for the benefit of humanity through a secret “Superman” identity.

After the success of DC comics to present this superhero to everyone, it has been adapted into various platforms — from cartoons to films and video games. Over the years, a lot of actors have been tasked to bring the iconic character to reality and here are ten of them who accepted the challenge to be the superhero role model:

1. Kirk Alyn

As Superman transversed into film, Kirk Alyn became the very first to portray the superhero in a live-action format.

In 1948, Columbia released a 15-part black-and-white Superman film serial based on the comic book character by the name. Alyn played the superhero; however, he was uncredited as he was only billed by the character’s name. Yet, the actor was critically praised for his amazing portrayal of Superman.

Alyn reprised the role for a follow-up Atom Man vs. Superman serial in 1950.

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