Which Actor Played Batman Best?

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There are quite literally thousands of fictional movie/comic superheroes and villains in existence. But the most fascinating character to rise to popularity has to be Bruce Wayne, or mostly known as Batman. Unlike other heroes, who drew superpowers from chemical accidents or magic to fight crime on Earth, Batman has always remained human. His power lies in his extraordinary motivation, willpower, and focus.

But only the best actor can live up to Batman’s iconic character, we break down actors who played Batman since 1943.

1. Lewis Wilson (1943)

The first actor that played the character in 1943 was Lewis Wilson, wherein the movie was still in black and white. There was a change somehow in the plot of the movie from the comics. Instead of battling familiar baddies from the comics, Wilson’s Batman fought a villainous Japanese spy who was attempting to turn the U.S. population into zombies.

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