When Max’s Says Every Kind of Family, They Mean It

An alien invasion has come. Or at least that’s what it looks like in the first few seconds of Max’s Restaurant’s latest short film. The video opens with a UFO landing on Philippine soil and three creatures from outer space exit the craft. People are terrified of the mysterious visitors and hide in fear. The fear is then replaced by anger as the people protest against the aliens, demanding they leave their world alone.

The aliens, however, don’t want to take over the world; they just want to make friends. A lone security guard sees them, senses the alien’s confusion and fear, and protects them from the mob. He brings them inside Max’s Restaurant where they are surrounded by different kinds of people. Every one, from the store crew to the guests, is unfazed by the presence of these aliens. They instead welcome them warmly as they enjoy their meals with their loved ones. The story ends with a simple message: Max’s Restaurant welcomes every kind of family, every day to the Max.

Consistent with the brand’s pivot to consciously introduce fresh and exciting materials to engage its customers, Max’s new production is an original take on how it reinforces its promise of championing families. “When we released The House That Fried Chicken Built last year, it was a conscious decision to go for humor. With Every Kind of Family, we thought it would be fun to do something else entirely different, too. And when you add that desire of doing something different, and couple it with the fact that our customers are also changing and evolving, we knew that we were going to have something that was fresh, exciting, and memorable for our audience. Needless to say, we remain committed to balancing that creativity with the rich heritage of Max’s,” shares Jim T. Fuentebella, Chief Marketing Officer of Max’s Group, Inc., Max’s Restaurant’s parent company.

Max’s Restaurant began as a family business in 1945 and through its over seven decades of operations, the company has evolved and adapted to the needs of its market to continue to provide delightful dining experiences to all its customers. These changes are all rooted in the same value that the brand started with 73 years ago and has maintained throughout the years – to cherish and celebrate the family-like relationships it has with its employees, partners, and customers.

“I think this new short film is a creative way for us to celebrate families, while mirroring how the world is today. The use of the aliens is really just a creative way for us to get our message across. They symbolize our differences in backgrounds and opinions, but it is really a call to be open to each other, to treat each person with the respect and understanding you would give to a family member.”

The brand recognizes that the word “family” has evolved throughout the years and could mean biological families, adopted families, unconventional families, or even a close group of friends from school, work, or organizations. While the definition of the word has become less strict and formal and has, in fact, broadened with the times, at the root of it, it talks about the kind of relationship and the quality of human interaction that is shared with a particular group of people.

“Nobody wants to be alone, nobody wants to feel alienated or out of place. Each of us thrives on having healthy relationships with the people around us, and that’s an important thing for us to recognize and give value to. And in Max’s through this material, we want to encourage people to continue building those relationships, regardless of type or form, by coming together and celebrating the diversity of these new and modern families,” adds Fuentebella.

Indeed, Max’s Restaurant’s latest short film conveys a powerful message that would easily resonate with each person, and at the same time, strengthen its promise of being a place where every kind of family is celebrated, every day to the Max.

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