What To Expect In This Year’s EIGASAI 2019

Calling film junkies and Japanese culture enthusiasts!

EIGASAI is back this year and will be screening films from selected cinemas nationwide from July 3 to August 25, 2019. This year’s lineup is a batch of films ranging from various film genres such as drama, comedy, horror, anime, romance and many more.

EIGASAI is an annual film festival organized by Japan Foundation, Manila and is held every July of the year to match with the celebration of Philippines-Japan Friendship Month. On its 22nd return since its advent in 1997, this film festival is the place for people who would want to immerse and acquaint themselves with Japanese culture and talent and of course it goes without saying that it is also for avid fans of Japanese film and arts.

Here are the photos and trailers of the complete lineup:

1. The Tears of Malumpati

Based on a true story, The Tears of Malumpati retells the story of the Pandan Water Pipeline project. A Japanese NGO aids locals who live in a remote area in Pandan, Panay to build a 10-km pipeline in order to get access to potable water.

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2. Samurai Marathon

Samurai Marathon recounts the story of the Ansei Tooashi, Japan’s first marathon. Also based on true events, the film narrates the story of samurais who were competing in a marathon, with a purpose of training for a possible invasion of the Americans. The government mistakes the marathon for treason and hires spies and assassins to kill them all. The survival of the troops lay in the hands of a sole marathoner who is also a spy hired by the government and the only one who knows of the attack.

[ 1 WEEK LEFT BEFORE JFF | #eigasaiPH 2019! ]Opening Film: Samurai Marathon サムライマラソン2019 | 104minTakeru Satoh stars in a historical drama directed by Bernard Rose, based on Dobashi Akihiro's novel "Bakumatsu Marathon Samurai" about the Ansei Tooashi, known as Japan's first marathon.Screenings:July 6, 8:30PM – Red Carpet Cinema 3, Shangri-La PlazaJuly 27, 7PM – SM City IloiloAug 17, 7PM – UPFIAug 17, 7PM – Ayala Center CebuFor more information, visit https://jfmo.org.ph/events-and-courses/japanese-film-festival-eigasai/

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3. The House Where The Mermaid Sleeps

Parents Kazumasa and Kaoruko decide to part ways after their daughter’s entrance exams. Bad luck intervenes and their daughter gets into a terrible accident – she drowns in a swimming pool and is pronounced brain dead. But fate intervenes as there may be a solution to keep her alive after all.

4. Shoplifters

A story about collective small-time thieves who shoplift to get by, prove how strong fictive kinship can be when the youngest member of the “club” gets kidnapped. Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or winner, Shoplifters exemplify how we have transcended from the traditional classification of family as people related by only blood or marriage.

5. After The Storm

Wallowing in his glorious past as an award-winning novelist, Ryota indulges in vices that make him an estranged son, husband, and father. He comes to his senses when his father dies and decides to bring his life and family back together.

6. The Third Murder

Lawyer Tomoaki Shigemori was to defend the suspect of a 30-year-old unsolved murder case Misumi who is subjected to the death penalty once pronounced guilty. Misumi admits to the crime but as Tomoaki delves deeper into the case, he slowly starts to doubt the veracity of his client’s claims and suspects he is not the real culprit.

7. Lying To Mom

Due to shock after discovering her son, Koichi’s death, matriarch Yuko loses her memories. In order to spare her from the heartbreak and misery, her husband and daughter come up with a lie that Koichi went abroad to work.

8. The 8-Year Engagement

After a few months of dating, Mai and Hisashi decide to get married. Before they wed, Mai suffers from brain inflammation, causing her to forget all the skills and memories she has; Hisashi and their marriage included. For years, Mai tries to remember her past with Hisashi but he decides it is better to part ways. Mai visits wedding hall and discovers it was the venue of her and Hisashi’s wedding. She learns that Hisashi had kept their reservation, postponing it each year but keeping the same date: March 17; the anniversary of the day they first met.

[ 11 DAYS to JFF | #eigasaiPH 2019 ]What are you willing to do for love?Hisashi (Satou Takeru) and Mai (Tsuchiya Tao) are engaged to be married and are completely happy, but Mai falls ill three months before their wedding. She has a cardiac arrest and falls into a coma, and Hisashi prays for her recovery. Mai gradually regains consciousness, but then another challenge awaits her.The 8-Year Engagement / 8年越しの花嫁 奇跡の実話2017 | Drama, Romance | 119minZeze Takahisa of Six Four directs this film adaptation of the non-fiction book 8 nen goshi hanayome Kimi no me ga sametanara.Screenings:July 4/6/9, 4:30PM – Red Carpet Cinema 4, Shangri-La PlazaJuly 14, 7PM – Red Carpet Cinema 4, Shangri-La PlazaJuly 18/20, 7PM – Robinsons Place TaclobanJuly 20, 7PM – SM City LegazpiJuly 26, 7PM – SM City IloiloAug 2, 2PM – Abreeza Mall DavaoAug 3, 7PM – Abreeza Mall DavaoAug 10, 9PM – SM City RosalesAug 16, 4:30PM – UPFIAug 16, 7PM – Ayala Center CebuAug 22, 4:30PM – Gateway CineplexAug 24, 7PM – Gateway CineplexVisit https://jfmo.org.ph/events-and-courses/japanese-film-festival-eigasai/ for more information.

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9. The Crimes That Bind

Upon discovering a woman’s corpse in her apartment, it has also come to the attention of the detectives the enigmatic disappearance of the apartment’s superintendent. Detectives Matsumiya and Kaga come across a theater director who is a potential suspect. During their investigation, Detective Kaga discovers a personal connection to the case.

10. Kakegurui

Kakegurui is a film set in the not-so-typical Hyyakaou Academy. It runs with an unorthodox culture of gambling, with students achieving a higher social status if they are better gamblers.

11. Lu Over The Walls

Kai is a young lad living in Hinashi fish village. He is experiencing episodes of sadness due to his parent’s divorce which affects his academics and relationships with his peers. His classmates invite him for band practice at Merfolk Island where he meets a young mermaid named Lu. Due to his constant interactions with Lu, Kai starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, it is a common knowledge in Hinashi that mermaids bring about disasters and distraught.

12. Mirai

Kun is a toddler who bitterly takes the arrival of his newborn sister, Mirai. Desperate for his parents’ undivided attention and affection, he throws a series of tantrums and runs off to their garden. He comes across future Mirai, who is now a teenager and they journey through time where he learns stories and struggles of his family members which will forever change the way he sees and values his family.

13. Mixed Doubles

Previously known as a table tennis wonder, Tamako falls in love and gets in a relationship with office mate and fellow table tennis prodigy Eshima. However, she catches Eshima cheating on her with the new recruit Airi and decisively quits her job. She goes back to her hometown and meets with her mother’s previous trainees. They train hard to get defeat and get payback from Eshima and Airi.

14. One Cut Of The Dead

Shot in a “story within a story” technique, the film unfolds with independent filmmakers shooting a zombie film. The director gets frustrated with the actors, eventually reaching until the 42nd take. The director leaves the set to blow off some steam but as he returns, he witnesses a real zombie apocalypse, attacking his actors and crew members. Instead of asking for help, he continues filming the horrid events.

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15. Perfect World

Kawana Tsugumi runs into her high school crush Ayukawa Itsuki at a company reunion. She learns that her first love has gotten into an accident in college and as a result, his lower extremities are now paralyzed. Tsugumi falls in love with Itsuki the second time around but Itsuki no longer believes he can love again because of his condition.

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16. Yakiniku Dragon

A social commentary film on the plight of Korean migrants in Japan in the ’70s, this compelling feature centers on married couple Yong-Gil and Young-Soon along with their three daughters and son. The family owns a small Yakiniku barbecue business which stands on government-owned land. The family experience oppression, struggles, and family issues but face these trying times together.

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