What Is Egg Freezing And Why Should I Consider It?

What Is Egg Freezing And Why Should I Consider It?


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It’s normal to consider if and when you want kids. Deciding whether to have kids or not or when you should have kids is a big decision to make. Luckily, there is an option for women who are unsure about these kinds of matters and that, is egg freezing.

Egg freezing is when eggs from your ovaries are extracted from your body and be frozen while still unfertilized. It may also be done if a woman deals with fertility issues or wishes to preserve younger eggs for future use. Even though egg freezing is a great option for many women, there are still some things that you should be aware of.

Fertility drugs need to be used to make women ovulate so that there are several eggs that can be extracted. There are certain fertility drugs that can cause your ovaries to swell up and cause pain after your eggs are retrieved. There can also be bloating, vomiting, abdominal pain but thankfully, these side effects are rare. However, even though those happen infrequently, it is still a possibility to be suffer from it.

It’s costly. Egg freezing does not only involve a medical procedure but also follows a storing period. It does not have a flat rate as it depends on how many fertility drugs or hormone injections the patient may need.

Commonly, an older woman would need more fertility drugs than a younger woman just as someone with fertility issues may need more as well. In America, egg freezing costs can start at $6000 and have a yearly egg storage cost at around $500.

In Manila, there are clinics that offers this service. The price varies on the clinic and the patient but it starts at over Php100,000 and yearly storage can cost at around Php10,000. Not only is egg freezing expensive, but the cost of having children is, too.

Lastly, egg freezing does not ensure pregnancy. Although they can retrieve several eggs from your body, there is no guarantee that any of those eggs will successfully fertilize and result in a pregnancy. This is a risk that medical professionals may disclose to you. Although, if an egg does not fertilize, that does not mean it is the cause of infertility issues of the woman as the sperm donor may also be facing the same problem.

It is that more women are now realizing the option of potentially having kids in the future. Overall, egg freezing is a difficult process for women, thus we should always support anyone who may be going through the process, or is deciding whether or not to have kids.

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