What Are ‘Space Junks’?

Space junks are faint objects in space like debris from rockets, old satellites and even asteroids.

It is estimated 500,000 shards of space junk revolving around our planet. This large number of castoffs are result of long-term space explorations and missions.

These space junks can cause danger to present International Space Station, spacecraft and satellites.

US Air Force uses a very powerful telescope to monitor such debris and prevent future collisions that may result to a bigger problem.

“The greatest risk to space missions comes from non-trackable debris,” NASA lead scientist for orbital debris, Nicholas Johnson.

Some events in the history attested the harm of these ‘space junks’. In the year 1996, a French satellite was damaged after being hit by debris coming from a French rocket.

As of now, the only thing that we can do about these out-of-this-world litters is to monitor its motion and strategically plan space launches.

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