Water Shortage, Unserviceable Equipment Greet New Laoag Officials

Broken pipes, unserviceable generator and escalator at the Laoag City General Hospital and supermarket greeted a transition team, which made an accounting of the properties of the city government prior to the turnover to new officials, who were elected in the last May 13 mid-term polls.

Mayor-elect Michael Marcos Keon led the group that conducted the ocular inspection at Laoag City General Hospital (LCGH) on June 25 & at the 21-year-old Laoag supermarket on June 26.

The the two facilities received criticisms for allegedly being mismanaged, prompting the upcoming city government officials to conduct inspection.

The team also discovered that the Laoag supermarket’s generator set is already obsolete while the drainage, gutters and some pumps are broken and water supply is not enough for the 1,018 stalls that occupy the three-storey public market.

Some ‘white elephant’ equipment have also been noted at the LCGH, which has been upgraded to a 166-bed capacity.

Keon earlier said he intends to resolve the problems and some issues at the LCGH and public market in his first 100 days in office.

“We will buy a new generator as soon as possible and deal with the water and escalator problem after,” said Keon in a meeting with some personnel at the Laoag public market on June 26.

To address the water shortage, the city engineering office has proposed to get water directly from the Padsan river as the two deep wells at the public market are no longer working.

For the meantime, the Bureau of Fire Protection has been providing water supply to the market stall owners, who lauded Keon and the inspection team for addressing their problems.

The city government collects at least PHP2.2 million rental fees per month from the Laoag public market. (PNA)

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