WATCH: London Conducts A Public Test For Self-Driving Shuttle

London launches a first public test of their possible newest form of transportation called Gateway Shuttle – a self-driving shuttle.

This vehicle can accommodate four passengers and lead them to other existing public transportation hubs such as the Tube, the Thames Clipper and the Emirates Airline cable car which are located only to one end of Greenwich Peninsula.

Gateway Shuttle is consisting of five cameras and three lasers that help the vehicle to move at the speed of 10mph. In addition to that, it contains a laser sensor called Lidar which is used to create 3d images of the environment. It picks up anything that is moving around the environment to provide an appropriate response.

By 2019, this vehicle is expected to be available on a trial basis.

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Youtube: Exclusivest
Photo Credit: @chip_de