WATCH: Japan Tests Its Self-Driving Buses

Japan has a new reason why they should still be called the technology capital of the world, as they are now testing their very own self-driving buses powered by SB Drive, a self-driving project that aims to make public transportation a smarter choice.

These gas-powered buses are intended to be deployed at rural areas and has its own sensor which can determine if the passengers are sitting comfortably or not.

These buses are convenient to take as it moves quickly unlike other self-driving cars.

In addition, Yahoo Capital has been tagged as one of its best partner plans to connect SB Drive to popular Yahoo Maps services such as traffic, events, vehicle congestion and weather. The said factors are the top priorities which they considered in bus planning and deployment.

Japan is planning to conduct its extensive trial on public roads starting next year and aims to have a commercial service by year 2020.

Watch the video here:

Japan Tests Self Driving Bus

It's not electric and it doesn't look futuristic. Japan aims at practicality with this self-driving minibus.

Posted by Tech in Asia on Saturday, March 25, 2017

Video Credit: Facebook: Tech in Asia