WATCH: Classical Songs Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’ With Justin Bieber Songs

Disney movie Beauty and the Beast has been a remarkable story ever since it was created during the 90’s. Kids who loved the first version of it still has the same excitement for the remake even though they are all grown ups now, and it’s undeniable that the movie’s success has reached worldwide.

But ever wondered, what if those remarkable Beauty and the Beast songs were replaced with hits from Justin Bieber?

Patty Cake Productions headed by Layne Stein and Tony Wakim put their own twist to the musical and gathered 57 people to produce a mini version of Beauty and the Beast. It was shot at different Orlando landmarks that looks like a castle, tavern and a French village. They worked five and a half months to create Beauty and the Bieber.

Watch the video here:

Stein and Wakim have done creative videos before such as Cinderswift— Cinderella with Taylor Swift songs, ‘The Will.Of.Oz’– The Wizard of Oz that features Black Eyed Peas songs and Snow Pears— story of Snow White using hits from pop icon Britney Spears.

Video Credit: Youtube: pattycake productions

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