“Walwal” Boys And Hashtag Luke Join Kuya Kim As “Matanglawin” Goes Field Trip Mode

“Matanglawin” will bring out the “field trip” feels as it pays a visit to the National Museum of Natural History and a hidden eco-friendly paradise this Sunday, June 24, 9:45 am on ABS-CBN.

While Kuya Kim Atienza gets to know about the flora and fauna of the Philippines and reminisce his interaction with the gargantuan crocodile Lolong in the museum, Hashtag Luke Conde goes to eco-friendly Clean Beach café in La Union as the newest Matanglawin Adventurista. Join Luke as he learns to make eco-bricks in the resort that encourages its patrons to pick up trash by the beach side in exchange for refreshing iced tea.

Meanwhile, the boys of the movie “Walwal,” Elmo Magalona, Jerome Ponce, and Donny Pangilinan take on Kuya Kim’s trivia questions in a challenge that will require them to out-“butt” each other. “Matanglawin” recently won Best Educational Program at the 3rd Golden Laurel Awards of the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, while Kuya Kim was named Best Educational Program Host.

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