Vlogger Nas Daily Is Paying And Hiring Someone To Travel The World For Free

Who would have thought that someone would be more than willing to pay for ALL your expenses for an unlimited time in any country you’d like to visit?

Well-known vlogger, Nas Daily just announced that he needs people to “take a leap of faith” and start their career with him.

By simply befriending people who have odd and epic stories worth sharing, you could already be considered and qualified as his apprentice in travelling the world for free.

For those who have their cameras, they are required to make 7 videos (that are similar to what Nas usually posts) every month. They just need to start the video with a greeting of “Meet X. Hi, my name is X and I do Y.” and end with “That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.”

But for those who do not have a camera, they are advised to comment a picture of them and the person they’re featuring together with a caption comprised of a paragraph that describes the person.

Anyone can join anytime and there’s no limit on the number of winners. That means an open ground for anyone, absolutely anyone, to try and apply. Nas will pay for the lucky winners’ flight, hotel, and camera, together with an exciting 1-week training in Portugal with him on September, again, for free.

As of posting, Nas’ challenge has already gathered 4.1K shares, 24K likes and reacts, 6.4K comments, and 425K views.

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