Viber Launches ‘Secret Chats’

Viber messaging will now have ‘secret chats’.

‘Secret Chats’ is the new Viber feature that allows users to make self-destructing messages. Yes, messages that will automatically delete within the specific time-frame.

What is the difference between ‘Secret Chats’ and ‘Secret Messages’?

Viber’s ‘Secret Messages’ helps users to decide whether the photos or videos they send will vanish in the conversation. This feature also let users customize their conversation history.

‘Secret Chats’ gives more privacy to the app users using self-destructing messages and an ‘anti-screenshot’ feature on Android. iOS users can screenshot the messages however, the sender of the message will get notified once screenshot was made.

The new feature also stops messages to be forwarded to other people.

‘Secret Chats’ conversations can also be hidden using a PIN code just like the other Viber messages.