Unilever Food Solutions Philippines Innovates Philippine Cuisine

They say a country’s cuisine is a window to its culture, history, and people. With traditional recipes such as that of one’s lola’s kare-kare being passed down from generation to generation, it isn’t a secret how much Filipinos value homegrown cooking. While there is no denying that traditional Pinoy food will always be Filipinos’ favorite wherever they may be, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines puts the spotlight on courageous, talented, and proud Filipino chefs and cooks championing the innovation of the local cuisine.

At the recently-concluded Knorr® Funlasang Pinoy Twist Fest Year 2 presented by UFS Philippines, chefs and cooks from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao showcased their culinary flair as they sought new ways to interpret and introduce classic Filipino dishes crispy pata, adobo, kare-kare, bulalo, and sisig to the modern palate.

“Funlasang Pinoy started with a mission of putting the limelight back to Filipino cuisine and re-igniting the love of our fellowmen for our own local dishes. With the help of a community of like-minded culinarians who share the same desire to elevate the Philippine culinary scene, Funlasang Pinoy did not become just any culinary competition. It became a platform where chefs and cooks across the different regions of the country can showcase their culinary ingenuity in serving the Pinoy classics differently and at the same time, be given the recognition they very much deserve,” shared James Benedict Carreon, Managing Director of UFS Philippines.

From Luzon grand winner Chef Nikko Roa’s Toasted Quinoa Vegan Sisig,

Visayas champion Chef Nico Joson’s Adobeque,

to Mindanao standout Chef Benje Gaviola’s Lechon Sisig Kilawin in Puff Pastry Shell

and the rest of the brilliant chefs and creative dishes at this year’s Knorr® Funlasang Pinoy, one important thing can be learned—it is that food innovation is not something that should be rejected but rather be embraced and be further given support.

LTB Philippines Chefs Association Immediate Past President Chef Fernando Aracama has put it as, “Food innovation is not about betraying one’s own tradition and heritage, it’s about transforming a familiar experience into one that can be distinct and unforgettable.”

As UFS Philippines continues to celebrate the diverse local culinary talent and dishes, the brand will continue to create even more opportunities for them. It seeks to further cultivate the talent of chefs and cooks nationwide and arm them with the right products, such as Knorr® and Lady’s Choice, to elevate the taste of food and take the Filipino cuisine to new heights.