“Uncharted” Finally Gets A Release Date

Over two years ago (yes, two years), Spider-Man’s Tom Holland was officially announced to take on the role of Nathan Drake, the renowned protagonist of the popular “Uncharted” video game series created by American game developer Naughty Dog, LLC.

Holland is set to portray a younger Drake as the movie is now set to become a prequel to the subsequent events that occurred throughout the entire game series. Initially Sony, the game’s official publisher, has eyed to adapt the movie with a much older Nathan as seen in the games with actors such as Chris Pratt and Nathan Fillion being the most viable candidates. Although after Tom Holland himself suggested the idea of having the audiences be told the story of Nathan in his youth (and, of course, after being signed to for the project), audiences are now expected to see an origin story on how the man they have come to love in the game series came to be.

It has been speculated that the reason for the slow progress with this project is the longtime belief among those in the movie industry of the curse that video game movie adaptations have had for the longest of time. Take for example, 2016’s “Assassin’s Creed” which was mostly met with negative reviews. Yet, with the last few years seeing the successes of the “Tomb Raider” remake starring Alicia Vikander as well as that of “Detective Pikachu” which is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, Sony has finally given the adaptation a release date set on December 18th, 2020. Upon opening day, it is currently set to compete alongside Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story”.

Additionally, Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) is now set to direct the movie after Shawn Levy left the project.

“Uncharted” protagonist Nathan Drake holding on to dear life.

The Uncharted Series sees treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he goes on adventures uncovering the untold secrets and myths of lost cities and objects. Along the way, he also faces the challenges and dangers of rival treasure hunters. The PlayStation video game series, with the latest installment having been released in 2017, is one of the most beloved among gamers and is also considered to be one of the best-selling and critically acclaimed video game series of all time.