UBER To Extend Their Operation Until April 15

Grab Philippines announced on Monday that they are willing to shoulder the expenses of Uber to continue its operations until April 15.

After being bought by Grab, Uber’s operations were supposed to be ceased last April 8, but due to the Philippine Competition Commission’s (PCC) order and request to keep Uber operating until certain agreements are made, Uber will continue to give ride services to people until April 15. Aside from this, Uber’s operation will be extended to give way to people’s (drivers and consumers) adjustment to Uber’s departure.

Meanwhile, according to Grab Philippines Country Head, Brian Cu, as of the moment, Uber has no manpower support. He also added that despite Grab’s takeover, they will not be liable if passengers have queries regarding fare refund due to untoward incidents.

On the other hand, Uber made a statement that they will be ceasing its operations in the Philippines since they do not have the financial capability to continue.

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