Uber Driver Shares Emotional Sentiments About ‘Dynamic Pricing’ Goes Viral

We have a lot of choices when it comes to commuting, we can take PUVs, ride metro train system, or enjoy the comfort of app-based service provider.

But when the traffic gets worse each day, public transportation is no longer a good option.

The boom of ride service industry is one of the solutions to ease the depraved effects of traffic. Yes, we are no longer creating solutions about the traffic itself but the effects of this non-sense dilemma that we embark on our daily journeys.

But the price for the toils of the people behind this solution are often taken for granted.

Nathan Sulpico, an Uber driver shares his sentiments on social media on how ‘Dynamic Pricing’ affects the service and the life of Uber drivers.

Dynamic Pricing is referred to as surge pricing or demand pricing.

It is a pricing strategy in which businesses set flexible prices for products or service based on current market demands.

As recalled, Dynamic pricing or Surge pricing was lifted by LTFRB last year, due to some complaints about over rating and system glitches.

On his post, Nathan shares stories of his past rides, stories common to all Uber drivers.
The post ended with a request to bring back ‘Dynamic Pricing’ not as a privilege but one of the rights that each Uber driver deserves.