Two Screens on the new ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo

ASUS announced a new series of laptops, with the flag bearer being the Zenbook Pro Duo, in Computex 2019! Said laptop will have two screens, a 15.6″ 4k monitor as the main screen, and a secondary screen which works seemingly with the main one. With this new function, many more things can be done! The function of the second screen is that it acts as an extension of the first, allowing you to put different tasks there whilst working on the main task. Such as putting Spotify on the lower screen while reading a few articles you found online.

The Zenbook Pro Duo comes bundled with a stylus, which can be used to draw, take notes, or just to write in general. With the palm rest that comes with the box, your writing or drawing experience will definitely be a comfortable one. If you’re the one who’s more comfortable typing, then the Zenbook Pro Duo accounts for that as well, as it utilizes the ErgoLift tilting keyboard, allowing you to have a more comfortable experience whilst typing out what you need to type.

Are you a editor of sorts? Then worry not, as the Zenbook Pro Duo operates with an 9th Gen. Intel eight-core processor, and can hold up to 32GB of RAM. If not, then are you a gamer looking for a bit more portability? If so, then the Zenbook Pro Duo also uses the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, one of the latest video cards to come out of NVIDIA’s line. Or maybe you’re a streamer looking to work with less but get so much more. AS the second half of the screen can be utilized to see your chat and many other things. However, the laptop is not only limited to these types of people, music artists, photographers, even programmers can utilize the functionality of the laptop.

In the end, the Zenbook Pro Duo is a unique and interesting device that just seems to work. It can be enjoyed by all types of people, from the creative professional all the way to the casual consumer. It gives us much more to work with, and with less space taken, while also having the portability of a laptop.

So far, ASUS has not announced the pricing and the availability of the Zenbook Pro Duo, but they are expected to release in the third quarter of this year.

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