Traveling On An Airplane? Know Your Rights In PH!

Several videos posted to different social media sites showing a man being pulled out of his seat by three security officers.

The horrifying video occurred on Flight 3411 of United Airlines plane. The plane was waiting to take off at Chicago O’Hare Airport for Louisville in Kentucky.

According to eyewitness, the flight was overbooked. All the passengers were approved to board the plane but then later told that four people need to “voluntarily” give up their seats to accommodate four United Airlines employees.

Noone volunteered of course. The management resort to picking up random passengers on the train. That’s when the terrible dragging incident started.

Video: Facebook: Aura D. Bridges

In the Philippines, there is an administrative order protecting air passengers.

To give you some overview of your rights when traveling in the Philippines, here are the summary of air passengers’ rights based on joint DOTC and DTI Admin. Order No. 1 or the Air Passenger Bill Of Rights.


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