Traffic Can Be Fun With Our Very Own Pinoy Dancing Enforcers

Let’s face it, traffic is not and never will be fun. As we approach ber-months, Filipinos should be ready to expect heavier traffic as people will spend more time going out to buy gifts and celebrate the holiday season.

But despite the bumper to bumper situation we face everyday, we should appreciate the things our hardworking Kuyas and Manongs do to make our trips more bearable. Yes, we are referring to the energetic and lively dancing traffic enforcers!

We compiled five different dancing traffic enforcers all around the Philippines to hopefully cheer you up!

Cubao Traffic Enforcer dances to the beat of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean

Energetic Traffic Enforcer dancing in Surigao City

Twerking Traffic Enforcer from Davao

Budots Traffic Enforcer in Ilagan City

In Sync Dancing Traffic Enforcers from Tagum City

These men serve as an inspiration to many by setting an example and proving to all how work can be fun and that you don’t have to be serious all the time.

Traffic is more bearable when we find ways to make it so!

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