Have you been too busy lately? How long was the time that you’ve completely been with your parents or your child? As we grow old, most of our time are spent in our daily loads of work. And we often forget spending a little time with our family at home. So, why don’t you regain the time that you lost by treating them in a short holiday trip.

Since this is only the time that you’ll be able to bond with your family after a long time, we want it to be extra-special. Here are the top options that is best for your family vacation:


10. LEGOLAND Feriendorf— Gunzburg, Germany

Children at a young age have unlimited imaginations, in fact, impossible ones. But, whether becoming a superhero or seeing a dinosaur, whatever it is—every parent wants their child to achieve their dreams. And the nearest possible way, is to experience the LEGOLAND, located in Gunzburg, Germany.

With millions of Lego bricks and Lego-inspired hotels, parks and activities, kids would have the opportunity to literally build their dreams. Legoland will give you a wholesome experience where a day or two won’t even be enough to explore the unique rides, brick building activities, water-fun battles, different castles and interactive expeditions.

But, the best is yet to come as Legoland opens its newly built Pirate Island Hotel this 2018 where its complex is designed like a bustling trade port and its hotel is inspired with a pirate ship interior. Among those that will also open are NINJAGO Movie 4D and The Great LEGO Race that will let you and your kids experience what it’s like to be in a unique virtual reality adventure.

The only problem here is that, you might have a hard time pulling your kids to go home.

Photo Credit: tripadvisor.com