This Robot Will Take Away Weeds In Your Garden

The garden can be a solace escape in your back or front yard where you can read books or take a cup of coffee while listening to your favorite music. A garden filled with flowers and plants can create a relaxing ambiance. That is why, a lot of people take gardening seriously.

Since the garden needs special attention, a special caretaker can lend you a wheel, yes not a hand but a wheel.

This is the Tertill, a solar-powered robot that takes away weeds in your garden. It works like a robotic vacuum that cuts unwanted and scrounger weeds that sucks soil nutrients intended for your plants.

It cuts weeds that pass under its case using an attached nylon string that spins fast.

Tertill has sensors around its body to keep away from grown plants. To make sure that Tertill will not confuse small plants as weeds, you can put fence around the small plants.

Tertill is weather-proof and can patrol your garden 24/7 with enough energy stored in its battery pack.

Video Credit: Youtube: FranklinRobotics